Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) 

The goal of the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is to ensure that all migrant students reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or complete a GED) that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment.

Louisiana MEP staff will coordinate statewide ID&R activities in order to ensure identification of all eligible migrant children in the state. Professional development and training in key areas of ID&R, data collection and reporting will be provided, along with assistance for all recruiters. Relevant up-to-date training will be provided through on-site face to face training, webinar conferencing, and other forms of professional development. All training will be relevant to Louisiana with helpful resources from reputable sources.

Contact the Louisiana MEP ID&R team at:

email: idr.team@louisiana-mep.org                                                                       

phone:  866-963-6677


Purpose of the Migrant Education Program


Susan 'Nae' McDaniel

Senior Recruiter


Susan “Nae” McDaniel is a Senior Recruiter responsible for statewide recruitment, working with Regional and district recruiters to support the Migrant Education Program. Nae will also conduct training, focusing on new recruiter training and quality control. She started her Migrant Career as a paraprofessional for the Rapides Parish School Board’s Migrant Education Program in 2011 and was promoted to recruiter/advocate/coordinator within her first year. In January 2015, she joined the UCAA ID&R Center as its first Statewide Regional Recruiter/Trainer. As a Senior Recruiter with ESCORT, she will conduct recruitment as well as respond to questions on eligibility, COE completion and assist with professional development and training of migrant recruiters statewide. 

Anna Velez Negron

Data Specialist

annavnegron@louisiana-mep.org - (866) 963-6677

Anna Velez-Negrón is the Data Entry Specialist for ESCORT. Anna assists in the review process for Louisiana Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) and maintains the LA MEP Master Contact list. She is also is responsible for the quality control, maintenance and entry of Florida COEs into a secure database. She also works as a Migrant Education Hotline Specialist.

Anna has been with ESCORT since 2009 and received an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Fullerton College in California.

Anna Ramirez

Regional Recruiter


Anna began her work in Vermilion Parish as an ELL tutor in 2004. She worked with Vermilion and Iberia Parishes as an ELL/Migrant tutor as well as a recruiter/advocate and translator.  As a Regional Recruiter on the LA MEP team, Anna will conduct targeted recruitment to support efforts in parishes across the state.

Tomi Soto

Regional Recruiter


As a Regional Recruiter, Tomi is responsible for conducting recruitment around the state, providing support to targeted areas. Tomi moved to Louisiana from the South Arkansas Migrant Education Program where she served as a Recruiter since 1999.

Matt Flaherty

ID&R Specialist and Recruiter

mattflaherty8@gmail.com - 2076329186

Matt Flaherty is an ID&R Specialist and Recruiter with ESCORT. He reviews Louisiana Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) for eligibility and consistency. He also helps plan Identification and Recruitment activities at a statewide level.