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Office of Migrant Education - Legislation, Regulations, and Guidance

This page on the Department of Education website that has information about the Migrant Education Program's legislation and regulations. It contains links to the Every Student Succeeds Act, the MEP Non-Regulatory Guidance and the National COE Instructions among many other things. 


Results - Office of Migrant Education

The Office of Migrant Education provides many resources on their "Results" webpage. These resources include the latest Q&A's from around the country, National ID&R Manual, National ID&R Curriculum, and other Program Toolkits. 


ID&R Consortium

IRRC (Identification and Recruitment Rapid Response Consortium) is one of four OME-funded Consortium Incentive Grants. The mission of IRRC is to develop resources, strategies, best practices, and creative solutions whose purpose is to improve and enhance ID&R activities in IRRC member states. IRRC is a collaborative effort between the states of- ME, NY, DE, SC, GA, TN, IL, NM, AZ, KS, IA, with NE acting as the lead state of this collaboration.


Graduation and Outcomes for Success for Out-of-School Youth

"GOSOSY is a Consortium Incentive Grant funded by the Office of Migrant Education (OME) at the United States Department of Education (USDE) to build capacity in states with a growing secondary-aged migrant out-of-school youth population."


Migrant Reading Achievement: Comprehensive Online Reading Education (MiraCORE)

The MiraCORE consortium is committed to improving the interstate coordination of migrant education programs (MEP) by sharing and developing supplemental, technology-based reading instructional materials and assessments designed specifically to improve the literacy skills of migratory students and youth. 


MS/EdD Management Services for Education Data

The Louisiana Migrant Education Program uses MERIL2, a product of MS/EdD, to recruit migratory children and manage student data.

"MS/EdD has always been committed to the needs of you, our customer. We've designed MIS2000 to be flexible above all else. Today it remains the only migrant data system to offer desktop, web, and mobile solutions, that can operate either online or offline, and are completely customizable to the needs of your state's migrant education program. Let us design an MIS2000 solution for your state."


Louisiana Delta Community College High School Equivalency Program

"The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) helps migrant and seasonal farmworkers (or their children) who are 16 years of age or older and not currently attending secondary school to obtain their High School Equivalency (HSE). After completing their HSE, the program helps them to gain employment or enter postsecondary education or training."


Louisiana Direct Seafood

Louisiana Direct Seafood is a resource that can be used to identify potential employers of migratory workers who work in the fishing industry.


Foreign Labor Application Gateway

The Department of Labor publishes up to date information about all visa immigration requests and certifications on this website. Many OSY migrant students are recruited as a result of this program through H2A and H2B visas. The program allows you to search through all visas in Louisiana and gives work and housing information. 


USDA Meat, Poultry, and Egg Product Inspection

"The Meat, Poultry and Egg Product Inspection Directory is a listing of establishments that produce meat, poultry, and/or egg products regulated by USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)"


Migration Policy Institute

"The nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute seeks to improve immigration and integration policies through authoritative research and analysis, opportunities for learning and dialogue, and the development of new ideas to address complex policy questions."



This interactive map shows what types of crops are being grown all across the country. It can be helpful when conducting research into a certain region. 


Documentary, "Harvest of Shame"

This documentary from Edward R. Murrow came out in 1960 and "exposed the plight of America's farm workers." Shortly after, the Migrant Education Program was established in 1966.